8+ Mental Health Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

Mental Health Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

8+ Mental Health Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

Much has been discussed about the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the human body. Surprisingly, not many of us are aware of the mental health crisis wrought by this disease. Kids, in particular, had a tough time coping as they were forced to stay indoors for a long time, devoid of any physical activity and the company of their peers.

This led to a rapid surge in mental health issues among young children and those in their teens, with many reported cases of depression and anxiety.

The best way out of this crisis is to move out and spend more time with nature. While the physical benefits of outdoor play are quite evident, getting outside also has a powerful positive impact on a child’s mental well-being. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it is imperative to take the bull by its horns and tame it before the matter spirals out of control.

Let’s now dive deep into the subject to decode the principle of Pe For Student’s Health And Personal Development.

10 Types Of Mental Health Benefits Of Outdoor Play

1. Boosts Vitamin D

Popularly known as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is critical for kids to have healthy bones and robust immunity. No doubt, they can get it through a nutritious diet. But they need a lot more in their growing years. Exposure to the sun while playing outdoors is the simple and best way to ensure that the body produces a sufficient amount of vitamin D.

Boosts Vitamin D

Further, it is important to have well-being activities for children in the open sun to prevent mental disorders. Vitamin D deficiency may cause several mental health issues. Erratic mood swings, behavioural concerns, anxiety, and depression are commonly noticed in kids who spend a lot of time indoors.

2. Improves Social Interaction

A technology-centric life has alienated people from one another. Kids (and adults) now prefer spending time with their gadgets rather than building meaningful relationships with other human beings. Spending more time outdoors and less with machines can nourish relationships and foster better social skills among children.

Improves Social Interaction

When children get out to play with their friends and family, they imbibe invaluable qualities of teamwork and cooperation. They learn to share their experiences and resources in a natural setting by breaking their limitations. They communicate freely and express their feelings with their dear ones. Kids find themselves in a much better mental space after connecting with other people.

3. Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem

Health and well-being activities for children can do wonders for their confidence & spirit. Being outdoors can help them break rigid patterns and stifling routines. When they venture outside, they gradually learn to navigate their way independently. A simple physical activity like running, swimming, or trekking can stretch and test their endurance levels.

Taking up an outdoor task and successfully completing it gives a significant boost to your child’s confidence, morale, and self-esteem. Overcoming challenges often fills you with a healthy sense of accomplishment and pride in doing something worthwhile. You are now ready to take on bigger challenges that life can throw at you any time.

4. Enhances Stress Coping Mechanisms

The pandemic has caused emotional trauma in people of all ages. Fear, despair, and helplessness have led to a massive rise in people suffering from anxiety & depression. Watching millions fall sick and die is horrific, especially for tender minds. Being outdoors and spending time with nature is a great way to improve their emotional well-being.

Positive mental health outdoor activities can alleviate stress and help the kids manage their mood. Regular physical exercises, mindful breathing, and Yoga practice allow you to be in the present moment by taming the restless mind.

Nature also has a soothing effect on the human mind. Bright sunshine stimulates the production of the happiness hormone called serotonin. This reduces worry, anxiety, and depression in children.

5. Improves Creativity and Imagination

Children are inherently curious & creative to explore and learn new things. Unstructured outdoor playground markings UK are a fantastic way to ignite the spark of creativity in the younger lot. Several studies indicate that brain development in kids gets a huge impetus from outdoor activities.

Indoor spaces are typically small, stuffy, and suffocating. On the contrary, the outdoor world is expansive and filled with myriad sights & sounds. There are practically no limits to exploration, exposure, and experiences amid nature.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, an hour of unstructured play every day can significantly boost concentration, creativity, and cognitive abilities among children. They also hone their problem-solving skills when they regularly deal with new things. So don’t be surprised if your child’s grades in school vastly improve after spending more time outdoors.

6. Develops Healthy Habits

The health benefits of outdoor play can percolate deep into your children’s daily lives. Reducing screen time and engaging in vigorous outdoor activities makes them more agile and active. Parents and teachers who have a tough time dealing with children’s behavioural issues will see them being calm and grounded if they regularly let them outdoors.

Childhood obesity is indeed alarming. Many PE teachers in uk can create serious health issues in adulthood. Outdoor activities pave the way to building discipline and good habits among the kids. Their energy is channelled in the right direction, and this sets them on a firm footing for a healthy adult life.

7. Improves Sleep Quality

A sleepless child can be a nightmare for parents. The entire family suffers if kids do not get sound sleep at night. To make matters worse, the child is annoyed and frustrated throughout the day. Outdoor play can help the kids fall asleep fast and let you sleep peacefully after a hectic day at work.

Improves Sleep Quality

The sunlight regulates our body clock and blocks the production of the melatonin hormone. So spending time outdoors keeps you awake during the daytime and makes it easy to drift to sleep at night. Regular physical activities can improve children’s sleep quality as they start to feel weary at night.

8. Reduces Screen Time

Engaging in health and well-being activities outdoors helps kids connect better with the natural environment. This is essential to cut down their screen time to an optimal level and divert their focus to other positive aspects that support their personality development.

Digital addiction and abnormal screen time make children more lethargic & indolent. This hampers their normal growth and academic performance. They may eventually go astray and find it tough to cope with life. Outdoor play can prevent this problem in the early stages as children are absorbed in productive activities.

9. Improves Mood

Outdoor play keeps the kids happy and prevents gloom. Children who experience needless worry, irritation, and mood swings are better equipped to manage their negative emotions when they spend more time outdoors. PE in primary schools uk is a great stress buster as it stimulates the production of endorphins (feel-good hormones) and reduces the build-up of cortisol (stress hormones) in the body.

Scientific studies have now reported that spending time in a natural environment contributes immensely to an individual’s emotional wellness. This includes lower mental distress, positive social interactions, and a greater sense of purpose in life.

10. Improves Concentration

Well-being activities for kids in green spaces are essential to develop their focus and concentration. Nature has a therapeutic effect on their minds. They become more alert and attentive. They develop self-awareness as they start reflecting upon novel experiences every day.

Lower screen time due to outdoor play also has a positive impact on a child’s attention and working memory. Yoga, breathing exercises, puzzles, mazes, and memory games are some of the activities that promote better focus and concentration in children.


Outdoor play and mental health have a close relation beyond common perception. Spending time on playground activities for primary school kids is a boon as it helps to inculcate healthy habits, develop focus, build confidence, reduce stress, and improve a child’s social skills. Children reap several benefits when they are in the lap of Mother Nature.

The body-mind connection is well established by research today. Incorporating outdoor play into your kids’ routine keeps them physically fit and leads to positive mental health outcomes. Outdoor activities are no longer a choice for parents and educators if they are aspiring for their children’s holistic growth and development.

Get in touch with us to know the incredible difference that we can bring about in your children’s lives.

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