Sports Premium on Thermoplastic Line Markings? No problem…

Sports Premium on Thermoplastic Line Markings No problem

Sports Premium on Thermoplastic Line Markings? No problem…

I don’t think I can use my Sports Premium on Playground Markings, play structures, courts or traverse walls…

Think again!

At Inspired Schools we launched our playground markings project in 2016.

We are physical education specialists and when we create Inspired Playgrounds it was vital that we developed a project that had outcomes all schools would benefit from.

The main goal was ‘More Children, More Active, More Often’.  This has become our mantra, and everything we create HAS to impact on this.

It wasn’t enough for us to just start offering playground markings.  So, we created packages that include training, incentives, resources, resources, physical activity tracker, a web app containing 5-minute physical activity videos designed for the classroom.

This ensured that not only could the Sports Premium be used, but that it was designed for this purpose.

Further, the projects and packages were designed with this at forefront of our planning.  We are not just a markings company; we are far more than this.

We are a Physical Education company that creates projects and packages to accompany what we are best at. The training and resources ensure that all of our projects achieve maximum impact.

  • Raising physical activity levels
  • Improving behaviour
  • Providing projects that can be used for learning breaks
    • Improved attendance
    • Improved attainment
  • All while not impacting on teacher time

Check out our director Ben Kirk’s book on Primary School PE ‘The Healthy Happy School’ –

Yes, the Sports Premium funding can be used for thermoplastic line markings on playgrounds and sports areas in primary schools.

But don’t you want more than this?

We are now proud to be adding new products to our range.  But as with everything we do, we want them to have maximum impact and so to further stress, training and resources are available with everything we do, which now extends to:

  • Inspired Playground Project
  • QUICKHIT – Brand new cricket project
  • Play structures and traverse walls
  • Signage to support physical activity around the playground
  • Courts, with permanent netball post installation
  1. Improvement of PE and Sport Provision: Markings can help create permanent sports pitches, courts, and activity areas, enhancing the quality and variety of PE lessons.
  2. Increased Physical Activity: Clear markings encourage children to engage in more active play during break times and lunchtimes, promoting physical activity throughout the school day.
  3. Skill Development: Markings for specific sports and games help children develop their skills in various sports, contributing to their overall physical literacy.
  4. Inclusivity: Well-designed play areas with clear markings can encourage all children, regardless of skill level, to participate in physical activities.

Before spending, it’s advisable to ensure that the planned use aligns with the school’s overall PE and sport strategy and that it will have a sustainable impact on improving physical activity levels among students.

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