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inspired playground package

Inspired Playgrounds

Does your primary school playground need a revamp? Would you like to increase the level and amount of physical exercise for children in your primary school? An Inspired Playground might be the right solution for you and can be funded through the ‘Sports Premium PE Funding’


  • Fully installed playground = 5 activity stations
  • 1 year license to the Web app
  • Whole day training and staff CPD
    • Leadership training
    • Staff CPD
    • Web app training for leaders and staff
  • 16 x Young Leader bibs.
  • Young Leader Incentive pack (16 x t-shirts, 16 x hoodies).
  • 80 x Inspired Schools trophies (2 per week)
  • 3 month training day and review. Bespoke to school needs
    • A refresher day for leaders
    • Teaching assistant CPD
    • One to one
    • Target group work
    • Lunch time supervisor training
    • Review meeting to ensure the project is exceeding expectations
    • 3 month data review and report
    • On the training day, we will discuss the data obtained and review this and suggestions moving forwards
  • Termly reporting of key information from the app
  • Celebrate physical activity from all of our schools, sharing good practice
  • Leader resources – cards with challenges to set the children during their sessions
  • Teacher resources – both physical and online. Focusing on simple and easy ways to use the markings in lessons or classroom break

Inspired Quick Hit

The aim is to cast the net wider in Primary Schools across Somerset initially, and then nationwide. We believe that children don’t fully appreciate the joy that can be found in cricket, and stimulating this will lead to a new generation of potential superstars that would otherwise go unnoticed. But more importantly perhaps is that children might go onto lead active and healthy lifestyles and play a sport that they love with friends.

Our new game ‘Quick-Hit’ is designed to be a fast paced playground game that can be accessed at lunchtimes and also played in lessons. Further, we will be delivering community sessions on the innovative markings to engage the local community.

The game is quick, dynamic and will capture the imagination of children in the fast paced world where instant gratification is readily available. This is our way to help children find love in a sport they might not initially choose and also to further our vision or getting more children and communities more active, more often.

Pickleball 1

Inspired Pickle Ball

Pickleball in Primary Schools Our proposal promotes:

  • Physical Activity: Introducing children to the dynamic world of racquet sports, promoting movement, and combating sedentary behavior.
  • Improved Co-ordination: Pickleball’s beginner-friendly nature allows for quick skill acquisition and enhanced hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Sporting Enthusiasm: Igniting a passion for pickleball and, in turn, tennis, setting the stage for future involvement in these sports.
  • Inclusive Play: Pickleball can be adapted to accommodate various skill levels, ensuring an inclusive environment for all.

Key Benefits:

  • Active lunchtimes contributing to healthier lifestyles.
  • Enhanced co-ordination and motor skills development.
  • Fostering a lifelong love for racquet sports.
  • Creating a sense of community and fun during school breaks.


  • Training for school staff in Pickleball fundamentals.
  • Availability of age-appropriate equipment.
  • Structured and supervised lunchtime sessions.
  • Organized tournaments and events to sustain enthusiasm.
fantastic 4 square package

Fantastic 4 Square

Hours of competitive fun and physical activity for your school playground! This package is perfect for lunchtimes and encourages social interaction and healthy competition.

Our Fantastic 4 Square package comes complete with Resources and, we’re offering 3-hour training sessions for both children and staff to help get everyone up to speed and excited to play.

Not only is ‘4 Square’ fun, but it also promotes positive behaviour by encouraging teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship. And with the added benefit of physical activity, it’s a win-win for everyone!

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